FAQ’s & More info

1. Why justin stommes basketball?

Elite professional and reliable trainers, conveinient Scheduling: day-time-location, individual one-on-one attention, innovative and Effective Training Sessions, develop fundamental skills, footwork and techniques for real results.

2. What is special about Justin Stommes Basketball Camps compared to other training courses or other sports camps?

At Justin Stommes Basketball, we put our focus on the player.  With basketball experience at the highest levels, we know what it takes both mentally and physically to learn, grow, compete, and how to turn a weakness into a strength to make each player practice and train to be the best of their ability.

3. What is the jSB mission?

Our mission at Justin Stommes Basketball is to develop individual athletes, helping them reach their potential through proper mental and physical training sessions demonstrated during on and off court workouts. We strive to always give a top quality training experience, allowing for one-on-one insight, step by step instruction, and high amounts of quality repetition. Our goal is to continually provide the highest quality basketball specific training to each and every age/level of athlete.


We train at all levels, from NBA and NCAA to beginners as early as age 7. Justin’s training strategy is very similar regardless of age or skill level. We have camps for kids ages 7-18 and private sessions or small group sessions for all ages and levels.

5. What will my child learn or gain?

Each player will learn and gain different skills depending on their level, experience, and position. There are many factors that go into a player reaching his or her potential such as work ethic, conditioning, proper footwork and confidence. Competition is higher than ever, leading players to need proper training to get their spot on the team.  By using what some players already know combined with a unique way of teaching detailed, subtle movements, footwork, and anticipation Justin can help players reach their full potential.

6. What do the players need to bring to camp or training sessions?

Athletic clothes, basketball shoes, water bottle (if possible). Please don’t bring personal basketballs

7. Are these overnight camps?

No, right now we perform 3 hour/day camps usually in the morning.

8. Will each player get one-on-one time with Justin or other coaches?

Yes, each player will be paired with players who share their specific position to spend time working on their skills. Coaches will take each player aside to work with them but that time will be limited in the camp environment in comparison to a private lesson.

9. What is the benefit to returning to camp time and time again?

Like anything you want to improve, elite practice and quality repetition will lead to greater results. As each player grows and levels up, their strengths and weakness will change. We are here to help them recognize the strengths and use them to their benefit while also identifying weaknesses and overcoming them.

10. What is included in the camp fee?

  • Professional training- Our drills and exercises will benefit each individual for their specific position throughout the three days

  • Each player will receive a professional packet for drills and exercises

  • 3 hours a day for 3 days of elite training

  • Nutrition health and mind lecture- diet habits and the benefits of better choices and mental strength

  • Camp Schedule- all parents are welcome to watch

  • Coach information- get to know the coaches and their unique experiences

  • T-shirt- each player receives a Justin Stommes Basketball t-shirt

  • Awards- Contest awards and a Justin Stommes Basketball Certificate

Importance of Ball Handling

A misconception of ball handling has often been that the point guard is the only one who should be skilled in ball handling. While the point guard handles the ball often, they should not be considered the sole ball handler. Basketball has changed over the last several years. Previously, posts could do their jobs around the basket, such as shooting shots off of post moves, or boxing out and rebounding, and that would be enough. Today, taller players who are called “posts,” are found dribbling the ball up the court against multiple defenders, shooting jump shots from behind the three-point line, and making offensive moves that require good ball handling. To become more valuable to the team, all players, regardless of height or position, should develop good ball handling skills. Often, the difference between good teams and great teams is in the depth of their ability to handle the ball.

Importance of Dribbling Drills

Dribbling drills, although similar to ball handling drills focus more on change of direction moves that will separate you from your defender. However, it is important to see the correlation between the two since the stronger your hands are and the more coordinated you are the quicker your dribble moves will be. When it comes to dribbling drills we often start stationary and then work our way up to moving. Learning to make your dribble moves stationary is one thing but eventually, you will need to make them on the move at game speed and that is how you need to train.