Private Workouts

My approach to training players is very similar regardless of age or skill level.

There are many factors that go into a player reaching his or her potential such as work ethic, conditioning, proper footwork and confidence. Competition is higher than ever, leading players to need strategic training to get a spot on the team.  By using what some players already know combined with a unique way of teaching detailed, subtle movements, footwork, and anticipation I can help players reach their full potential.

We offer a variety of packages for players who are looking for 1 on 1, 2 on 1, or 3 on 1 training.


Top Benefits of Private Basketball Training

1. Individual Attention

Although basketball is a team sport; Private Training allows individuals to work on their weaknesses while developing and improving strengths.  Personal Training allows individuals to get their skills and confidence back at their own pace and specific level.  Players have unique characteristics, skill sets and athletic abilities.  Private training allows each individual to work at their own speed equaling faster results.

2. Personalized Workouts

Justin Stommes will evaluate your current skill level, asses your strength/weaknesses, develop a personalized practice plan and continually push players to improve.  Customizing workouts make the most out of training by addressing the needs and wants of each individual.

3. Quality Repetition

Justin focuses on fundamentals, footwork, proper form, core balance and other essential basketball techniques which differentiates good quality repetitions, from bad.  Justin will always make sure that each drill is being executed properly so players benefit the most from each workout.

4. Quantity Repetition

Personal Training allows for 100% individual participation; making high repetition, in a short time frame, possible.  Players are given the opportunity to learn, develop and improve individual skills that are needed to succeed on the team level.

5. One-on-One Insight

Justin is a former D1 college player and professional player as you can see on his about page.  Justin develops a trust and rapport with his players which encourages question asking and strives for understanding.  Justin promotes self-confidence and leadership in various forms; along with giving away tips and his own personal tricks.

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